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Your Diabetes: Monitoring & Supplies

Blood Sugar Levels

The following information is a set of goals Dr. Diane Hislop-Chestnut sets for her patients.

Fasting (before breakfast) – less than 120 mg/dL

Before Lunch – less than 140 mg/dL

Before supper – less than 140 mg/dL

Bedtime – less than 160 mg/dL

2 hours after meals – less than 180 mg/dL

Note: If their sugars reach these goals then it is likely they are going to have a HbA1c less than 7%

A diabetic should have a hemoglobin a1c check every 3 to 4 months.

About the HbA1c Testing:

The HbA1c test is considered the gold standard for testing diabetes and identifying persons at risk of becoming diabetic.

What it does:

HbA1c indicates on average what an individual’s blood glucose levels have been for the past 3 months.  It can be used to identify if an individual is at risk of becoming diabetic, in which case they should consult a doctor and have further testing done for diabetes.

 Apps for Diabetes.

For all you Mac and iPad users there are several apps for diabetes.  Please visit for more information about these apps.

Apps to look for…

  • Diabetes Pilot
  • DiabeticPad
  • Glucose Tracker

Blood Sugar Meters and Strips.  Reduced Price

These meters are approved for sale in both Canada and the United States.

Blood Sugar Meter (includes Meter, 10 Strips, Lancing Device and 10 Lancets, Testing Solution and ZIP-up Carrying Pack) – $25 CI

Blood Sugar Testing Strips (50 per pack) – $25 CI

Available in office OR simply pay at the following link and will have ready for you for pick-up at the front desk

Paymant Portal:

For more information please contact Chad Collins

Chad Collins, RD, CDE
Registered Dietitian / Certified Diabetes Educator
Grand Harbour Complex
T: 345-525-2019

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