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Life for a child

Life for a child 

The International Diabetes Federation “Life for a Child” Programme was established in 2001 with support from the Australian Diabetes Council (previously known as Diabetes Australia-NSW) and HOPE worldwide.

The aim of the program is to provide sufficient insulin and syringes, blood glucose monitoring equipment, HbA1c testing, diabetes education and more.  For more information please visit their website

C.I.D.A’s Involvement

As of 2010, C.I.D.A joined Life for a child (LFAC), and along with Life for a child we have begun assisting with the diabetic care of 25 children and youth in the Cayman Islands.  LFAC donated a 1 DCA Vantage machine which included control cartridges and reagent kits for the use in the care of children and youth with diabetes.  C.I.D.A handed over a HbA1c machine to doctors and nurses of paediatrics ward in the George Town Hospital.  The HbA1c machine was donated by Life For A Child.

Handing over HbA1c machine to doctors and nurses of paediatrics ward.

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