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The Cayman Islands Diabetes Association (C.I.D.A.) is a registered non-profit organization, and is the official Cayman Islands member of The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) an organization of over 200 member associations in more than 165 countries.

Mission Statement

“Work towards a future without diabetes by creating awareness, providing education to our community; while improving the lives of diabetics and their families.”

What we do


As the offical Cayman Islands member of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), C.I.D.A. takes part in celebrating World Diabetes Day (WDD) every year on November 14th.  As well as participating in their “Blue Lighting Monument Challenge” where by different landmarks and/or buildings are lit blue to create diabetes awareness.  In addition, during the month of November to help raise awareness for diabetes C.I.D.A. conducts free diabetes screening for the public. November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

As members of the IDF, C.I.D.A takes part in going to various conferences hosted by the IDF.  These conferences are very benefical as they allow our organization to stay concurrent with advances in diabetes research, and in our efforts of educating and creating diabetes awareness.


Screening Campaign: As of 2010 C.I.D.A has partnered with the Cayman Heart Fund whereby both organizations come together to conduct free screenings for diabetes to the public using the HbA1c Machines which are the gold standard for testing diabetes and identifying persons at risk of becoming diabetic.  C.I.D.A. aims to have screenings quarterly throughout the year.



Through out the year C.I.D.A has various fundraising events to help support our efforts in continuing to raise awareness of diabetes; in providing educational material, and information about treatment, management of diabetes and free public screenings.


C.I.D.A is independent from other diabetes organizations in the Cayman Islands.

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